Multi-Media Artist

Copyright in Perpetuity  jOnezi- mUltimedia aRtist. All Rights Reserved

"jOnezi, a most engaging presentation...upbeat vibe and thought provoking & authentic. Thanks for a most creative expression of synchronicity!!

Blessings to you and your journey!"


tHe sYrians

5 Golden Orbs and co.

​enhanced as part of a multi-part  interactive art installation


'cEilings of pEtra' #1,#4 

and # 5

Guests inside jOnezi's live work studio - Railtown Studios

'tHe biG piCture'


Premier Solo Fine Art Exhibit    

Mom & Dad

'8 bArs oF gOld'

nU ready mAde

fOund oBject


tErminal ciTy rUst # 3

​9' x10.5'

Acrylic & sand

Pamela Anderson

aka The Labatts Blue Zone Girl

Rob Hall, Adam Curry,  Jane Curry & jOnezi

'fLuer de rOuille'

( Flower of Rust)

 8' x 9' acrylic & sand


"Amazing exhibit!! Wonderful Art!" Scott Merrick

Salt Spring Is.

6 bLue piStons

Enhanced in 2022

'nU rEady mAdes'

(found objects, transformed) Terminal City Ironworks

1909 Franklin St.

( Defunct Ironworks/film location)



(Todd MaclandFilm Ind. Lamp Op)

Guest Book Comments

Phillip Seymour Hoffman


"The mix is super and an intriguing gathering of objects etc.

Love the colours and thought process.

Good luck in Vancouver" Madelaine Tolfers

Amy Winehouse


nU rEady mAde/ found object

Garry Brook,

Ed (the animal)

Schulz -(RIP)

 & jOnezi

David Bowie, Prince and Muhammed Ali

(aka Cassius Clay) 



Ice Box Gallery

Railtown Studios

321 Railway St.

Vancouver, BC



"Thank you for your creative inspiration and empowering of those who are watching from beyond.

Keep on Creating"  


"I Love,Love, Love, Love all your work! My dad is also in artist!!!!"

Penelope (8yrs old)

Salt Spring Is.

"Wild Energy and reflection"

Gerald Tibbits

Isabella Pt. SSI

'tHe biG piCture'

Sept.17 - Nov.15   2016

Ice Box Gallery - Railtown Studios

321 Railway St.     Vancouver,BC

"​Your having too much fun! Your Ceilings of Petra are so evocative and it brings back wonderful memories and feelings! Great Exhibit!"
​ Joy

Salt Spring Island

Ice Box Gallery

 Railtown Studios
Sept. 17 - Nov. 15  2016

Vancouver, BC

'tHe hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy'  etc.

Art Spring  

Salt Spring Island, BC

July 1- 7,  2016

 (See Guest Book Comments below)

'tHe hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy

'tHe cElebration of the mEtaphysical'

8' x 12' x 8'


 found objects/nU rEady-mAdes

wood, metal, plastic, aluminum pipe, steel, Minecraft 'Ghast' fabric character x 4, rope, photographs, glass, enamel/acrylic  paint

Orlando 50


'hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy/ celebration of the metaphysical'  8' x12' x8' pipe ,steel cable & chain, acrylic Installation

"Thank you for welcoming us into your amazing space!"


"Lots of Scope,Range and colours! Well Done!"

Matt Steffich

Steffich Fine Art Gallery

​Salt Spring Is.

Ceilings of Petra # 2 & 6

Chromogenic archival dyes on Di-bond aluminum

20"x 72"

"Absolutely Wild-

I Love it!"


Walla Walla, Washington State

'hEaven & eArth'

'Silver & Mauve'

nU rEady-mAde


found objects, Marcel Duchamp, jOnezi, Terminal City Ironworks, pelican and sun, abstracts, repurposed

found object/ nU rEady mAde -detail


'gOlden kEys of tEn'