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Syrian Family- The Crusader Dead Cities  Hama, Syria  


The Treasury  2000 Y2K

'Twelve Dreams of the Sun'

Jean Michelle Jarre concert

Midnight Y2K

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Jonezi overnight with cheese producing family

Hama, Syria

Syrian Girl 

Crusader 'Dead Cities' Hama, Syria

Little Girl of Award Island


White Desert

Farafra, Egypt

Hetshepsut Temple

​Luxor, Egypt

Old Women Vendors

Petra, Jordan 

Young men of Jordan

Old Man of Damascus


Gold Toothed Woman

 Petra, Jordan

Tattooed Woman 


Middle East

Y2K -2000

Little village girl of Dogubeyazit

Eastern Turkey

'My morning wake up vista!'

White Desert

Farafra, Egypt

Bedouin Overnight

 White Desert

Farafra, Egypt