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Coffee Ceremony Family Host

Hamer tribal family 

South Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Dorze tribal women?-Turmi Village,Southern Omo Valley

Omo Valley Village boy

Turmi villager

Omo Valley tribesman's hair decor


Hamer tribe, 

market seller

FYI-Necklace indicates she is

# 1 Wife

Medi Gezachew & jOnezi-Omo Valley

'Mursi'  tribal boys 

​encountered along the highway

Monolithic Ethiopian Orthodox Church


Married woman from the Hamer Tribe in the 'market' town of Turmi, southern Omo Valley, Ethiopia 

Falling Asleep

sorting grains at the

Monolithic church

'jOnesi' at the welcoming Coffee ceremony

Addis Ababa fruit stand

Biyhan- Artist


Men of 'Gashena'?

 (on my way to Lalibela

the location of the  incredible 

 'Monolithic' Churches

the Dirge,Communist govt. instigated annilhation

Villagers of the Omo Valley

Coffee Ceremony Hostess


'tHe tHree aMigos'

Turmi Village coffee shell merchant

Omo Valley 'Hammer tribe man'

Gondor- Monolithic Ethiopian Orthodox Church


Ceremonial funeral mask 

Turmi Village

Market wares

from the village of ​Turmi

Turmi Village men

Meskal Flower Neighbourhood, Addis Ababa

Rift Valley

NE Ethiopia

On my way to Lalibela

Red Terror Museum

​Addis Ababa

Woman vendor 

Addis Ababa


Multi-Media Artist