Booth # 409

'fLeur de rOuille'

8' x 9'

​'hAnging gArdens


tErminal ciTy'

nU rEadymades

fLuer de rOuille"

​(Flower of Rust)


Acrylic/mixed media Original macro photograph from Terminal City Ironworks,



ART! Vancouver 

tErminal ciTy rUst # 1

Acrylic/Mixed media

​(original photo below)

​7' x 7'


Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre

Canada Place

Long time studio friends

Guests - Anne Marie Slater & Rick Ektin

On the premier of my biG art at Art! Vancouver 2016
"Dearest jOnezi: You Rock!!"

Note: Pamela's signature is above Emma's

tErminal ciTy rUst


​(on wheels)


'tOpkapi dAgger'

7' x10.5'

1 of 3 in a triptych on wheels


tErminal ciTy rUst # 3

9' x10.5'

Acrylic mixed media



Multi-Media Artist

'tHe gOlden fLeece'

​'Face of Art'   catwalk - Gala Night

Suska & jOnezi



Copyright in Perpetuity  jOnezi- mUltimedia aRtist. All Rights Reserved

'tHe hAnging gArdens oF tErminal ciTy/the cElebration oF tHe mEtaphysical'

(condensed installation of

found objects/ 'nU readymades'


Booth # 106

cEilings of pEtra  #2, #3 and 'tHe gOlden fLeece'

40" x 108"

​(acrylic/mixed media)

​Plus 'sPray bAby sPray- Art Doc from Buenas Aires, Argentina


Emma Dunlavey


​ jOnezi

Pamela Anderson's photographer for RAW book