Multi-Media Artist

'bLue nOse'

'hEart of gOld'

'gOlden kEys

of tEn'

'cYlinder 6'

'sUn & pElican'

the Givers of Life

​'tHe biG piCture'


sOlo eXhibit by jOnezi

July 1-7, 2016

Art Spring, Salt Spring Island, BC  Canada

fOund oBjects/

nU rEady mAdes

Gordon Downie & The Tragically Hip

'siLver & mAuve'

BC FILM Personnel

'8 and skate'


David Robert Jones (David Bowie) & the cElebration of the metaphysical

​'tHe hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy'    /  'the ceLebration of the mEtaphysical'

Kim Manners

Director Producer of 'Supernatural'