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Jonesi's Documentary Photography An Artistic Interpretation Pt. 2 
Salt Spring Photography Club 
I have included a link to my Nov.14 '12 -Documentary Photography:an Artistic Interpretation Power Point presentation




'Big City Freaks'

Jonezi's Documentary Photography

Docs, 'gRoovy giRl', 'sWoosh', biG ciTy fReaks'


INDIA- Photographs 

'gRoovy giRl'

a small  moving assemblage clay, acrylic, music, turntable, 3D photos (Lenticular 'Magic Motion; images)

Mourning the  pillaging of the National Museum of Iraq in bagdad during the Gulf War

Jan.17-1991 - Feb.28,1991

fetisg documentary film, vancouver fetish scene 1999, kink, kinky, bondage, kinky fashion, interviews, Velvet steele, Jerry Anderson

Dahab-South of Ras Abu Galum Egypt 2000/2001

Guru Quest

Produced and Edited


Jason Dobmier

​DOP- Jonezi

Uploaded on Mar 18, 2008

Intro for a 26 min. documentary I did in Febuary 2000 on the contrasts of cultures, Egyptians & Bedouins & this wonderful 'backpackers 'chill out' Egyptian village..the people,the seaside, Mt. Sinai, the developerss & unknown to me then..the coming Horrors of Terrorism in 2006