Multi-Media Artist

Copyright in Perpetuity  jOnezi- mUltimedia aRtist. All Rights Reserved

'10 kEys oF gOld'

Found industrial aluminum mould (Terminal City Ironworks-YVR)

21" x 12" x 1"

aluminum, acrylic, glitter


ceilings of petra, Jordan, abstract, Unesco world site, middle east,nubians, secret city, roman city

​aBstract iMages

'cEilings oF pEtra'

Photographs and Paintings

terminal city ironworks, film location, vancouver, dystopian, paradolia
acrylic, abstract, polaroid manipulation, yellow,

'aFrican  LOve'

acrylic, glitter, LED lights

18" x 9" x 5" 


( My happiness in Turkish)

​Acrylic  3' x3' 


wooden industrial mould from Terminal City Ironworks, Vancouver BC

wood, metal, enamel, acrylic, glitter

​18" x 12" x 8"

mAsks, fOund oBjects,

aBstract pAintings,   

aSsemblages, iNstallations



terminal city ironworks, metal boundary, bridge ironworks, vancouver, film location, Marcel Duchamp, ready mades, found objects, repurposed, abstract art, sculpture
toys, anime, héros, cartoon characters,juxtaposition,alternative toys

nU rEady mAdes

'fLeur de rOuille'

( Flower of Rust)

8' x 9'

Acrylic / mixed media (sand) 2015

found objects, repurposed, industrial moulds, Terminal City Ironworks, Vancouver, jOnezi, David Thomas Jones, David Jones,avant grade artist

cEilings oF pEtra # 4 

acrylic and sand


'tErminal ciTy rUst'

Large Mixed media-Paintings